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Marketing to the New B2B Buyer: How Millennials Are Transforming the Marketplace [Infographic]

To connect and engage with potential customers, B2B brands must understand how buyers, channels, and expectations are evolving — and adapt their marketing strategies accordingly. Get to know the modern B2B buyer in the infographic below.

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As millennials grow into decision-making roles, the old paradigms of business-to-business sourcing and selling have dramatically changed. Meet the new B2B buyer.

The expectations have changed. 

B2B buyers have always needed confidence, validation, and trust in the pre-purchase process but, increasingly, they are finding those things online. B2B is now taking many cues from B2C. B2B buyers are already 57% down the purchase path before you’ll ever see an action on your website or receive a call.

The buyers have changed.

As of 2015, Millennials make up the majority of the workforce. They represent a significant demographic shift in decision-makers across multiple industries.

In 2015, there was a pretty even mix across three age groups.
In less than ten years, nearly half of the U.S. workforce will be millennials.
As of 2014, millennials already comprise 46% of B2B researchers.
That’s an increase of 70% from 2012.
Additionally, many more influencers are now involved in the purchasing process.
73% of millennials working in B2B companies say they are involved in B2B purchase decisions.
81% of non-C-suite executives and managers have a say in major purchase decisions.

Sell only to the C-suite and you miss a big group of important influencers — many of whom are millennials.

The channels have changed.

There are an unprecedented number of communication channels at out disposal. Here are the top methods used by modern B2B buyers to research purchases.

Search Engine: 25%
Vendor Website: 20%
Peer or Colleague: 17%
Sales Person: 12%
Social Media: 11%
Industry Publication: 11%
Trade Show: 4%

71% of B2B researchers start their research with a generic search and they do 12 searches prior to engaging your brand’s website.

56% of millennials indication that digital channels such as search engines, vendor website and social media are the most important channels for researching new products and services. They are looking for a product, not you.

42% of researching use a mobile device during the B2B purchase process.
That’s a 91% increase from 2012.
85% of B2B buyers expect company websites to be optimized for mobile devices.
90% of respondents felt that B2B content needs to be more mobile-friendly.
As of May 2015, more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US.
B2B researchers are watching video throughout their path to purchase.
50% of B2B researchers are watching 30 minutes or more of video during their research process.

So what?

The way business buyers find, research and source products and services has moved online. The new B2B buyer is learning everything they need to know about you through your brand’s digital fingerprints.

How can you make a good impression?

This strategic guide will help your B2B brand optimize your marketing approach in order to meet buyer expectations, stand out from the competition, increase profitability, and fill your sales funnel. You can download our white paper here.

Bennett Farkas

Bennett Farkas

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