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Read Time: 2 Minutes Sales Strategy

Mastering the B2B Sales Funnel | The B2B Weekly Digest

This week, we’ve gathered resources that take you all the way through the B2B sales funnel — from building optimized marketing campaigns and appealing to prospects with personalized content to communicating with targeted C-level decision-makers and retaining your customers after the close — to help you succeed every step of the way.

1. Nine Global Internet Trends for 2016 [SlideShare]

Each year, analysts at KPCB curate a vast range of pertinent internet marketing stats. In a comprehensive 200+ slide presentation, it breaks down some of the most relevant statistics about internet marketing for informing your strategies and tactics this year. You can view the whole deck at this link, but if you’re looking for quicker read, the post also includes the most relevant takeaways for digital marketers.

2. What Happens When Content Personalization Meets the B2B Funnel

Segmentation and personalization makes sense. When marketers segment and personalize effectively, everyone benefits: Marketers are able to create a customized journey for a fully built-out persona; customers receive valuable content and collateral that is catered specifically to their needs and desires, without requiring them to filter out irrelevant information. This article will show you how to get started personalizing your sales funnel.

3. Five Secrets to Getting a Response From the CEO

When a salesperson sends a message to a lower-level prospect — like a junior buyer, as opposed to a C-level executive — you can afford to experiment a little bit. You might start with a strong ask to get the conversation started and then can adjust from there. When you’re pitching a CEO, however, it’s imperative that you get it right on the first try. The five tips will help you craft your pitch and maximize your chances of getting a response.

4. Five Tips for B2B Customer Retention

Winning a new customer feels like a victory. Your hard work, strategizing, campaigning and meetings finally paid off! But, in all the excitement, what are you doing to provide value to existing customers? In recent research from Gallup, 71% of B2B customers report that they are willing to take their business elsewhere if necessary. As B2B marketers, if you put too much emphasis on acquiring new customers, you risk leaving existing ones in the dust. Here are five ways your B2B brand can cater to existing customers.

5. Golden Spiral creates compelling new web experience for PTC/ThingWorx

Golden Spiral recently announced they have created and launched a new website for ThingWorx, a business unit of PTC that is empowering innovation in IoT. We led the ThingWorx website design and development efforts to create a site that beautifully reflects the sophistication of their platform. Read more in this press release.

Lane Harbin

Lane Harbin

Digital Marketing Strategist Lane brings her specialties in copywriting, content strategy and inbound marketing to Golden Spiral as our Digital Marketing Strategist.