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The Podcast for Marketing Executives by Marketing Executives

Studio CMO is your weekly dose of marketing wisdom from the top B2B tech marketing leaders. Each week, John Farkas, CEO of Golden Spiral, interviews CMOs and others who are defining categories, growing their businesses, and unlocking the mysteries of understanding each customer.

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http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Fri May 29 16:49:11 2020

010 | Turning Marketing Observations into Business Growth | Studio CMO

Mark Whitlock and Angus Nelson, co-hosts of Studio CMO, sat down to discuss their COVID-19 marketing observations and trend predictions in this week's episode.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Thu May 21 19:10:56 2020

009 | Video is Your Best Marketing Funnel with Daniel Glickman | Studio CMO

Daniel Glickman, CMO of Wave.video, joins us to discuss the revolution of video marketing, including what videos should be in your arsenal and the most effective approaches.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Wed May 06 22:17:55 2020

008 | Why SaaS Marketing is a Team Sport With Armen Najarian & Michael Cichon | Studio CMO

Armen Najarian and Michael Cichon of Agari join us to discuss the importance of setting up the right team for B2B tech marketing success.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Wed Apr 29 21:06:13 2020

007 | Predicting Your Customer's Personality with Drew D'Agostino | Studio CMO

Drew D'Agostino, Founder and CEO of Personality AI technology Crystal, joins us to discuss the power of understanding personality differences in effective communication.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Wed Apr 22 21:53:15 2020

006 | The True Value of Marketing Fundamentals with Elana Anderson | Studio CMO

Elana Anderson, CMO of leading AppSec provider Veracode, joins us at RSA 2020 to discuss the essentials of great marketing leadership and Veracode's growth since its last acquisition.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Thu Apr 16 16:24:27 2020

005 | When Chaos is Your Competition with Chris Turner | Studio CMO

Golden Spiral's own expert in all things digital, Chris Turner, discusses how companies, specifically marketing leaders, can transition, think, plan, and strategize during the COVID-19 pandemic.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Wed Apr 08 19:44:15 2020

004 | The Power of Sales-Marketing Alignment with Kyle Lacy | Studio CMO

Learn the mentality of a successful CMO, the power of sales/marketing alignment, high-touch marketing, and Lessonly's approach to COVID-related challenges from CMO Kyle Lacy.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Thu Apr 02 21:09:32 2020

003 | Staying Human in an Age of Chaos with Rishad Tobaccowala | Studio CMO

With all this data swirling around us, have we lost the human in B2B tech? In this episode, Rishad Tobaccowala explains how to maintain strong leadership and uncover your company's soul during an age of chaos.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Mon Apr 06 21:21:56 2020

002 | The Translation Layer with Cofense SVP Kevin Fliess | Studio CMO

CMOs have the shortest tenure in the C-Suite. In tech, that tenure is even shorter. How executives handle the first few months sets the tone. Kevin Fliess of Cofense explains.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Mon Apr 06 21:16:54 2020

001 | Being Human with Anthony Kennada, CMO of Front | Studio CMO

It seems the world is enamored with AI. Should our marketing be? We listen back to a clip from CMO Anthony Kennada and discuss being human in marketing.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Mon Apr 06 21:20:29 2020

000 | Who is the Hero? | Studio CMO

Introducing Studio CMO, the podcast full of real-life conversations about the B2B tech marketing challenges and victories in B2B tech and showcases the brightest leaders in the space.