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The Podcast for Marketing Executives by Marketing Executives

Studio CMO is your weekly dose of marketing wisdom from the top B2B tech marketing leaders. Each week, John Farkas, CEO of Golden Spiral, interviews CMOs and others who are defining categories, growing their businesses, and unlocking the mysteries of understanding each customer.

AUTHOR: Studio CMO Team

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http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Fri Jan 15 17:51:26 2021

037 | HealthTech: Remember the Fundamentals with John Farkas | Studio CMO

Golden Spiral announces a new focus, a new co-host, and reflects on a transformative year with an eye on the future and fundamentals.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Thu Jan 07 18:18:57 2021

036 | The Role Missing from Your Healthtech Marketing Team with Justin Steinman, CMO Definitive Healthcare | Studio CMO

Justin Steinman, CMO of Definitive Healthcare, has learned a campaign planning manager makes the difference is fulfilling the 7 categories of marketing.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Mon Jan 11 17:07:00 2021

035 | The Most Powerful Component of Category Creation with Mark Organ, Founder of Categorynauts | Studio CMO

Creating a category takes an unparalleled vision & an understanding of your underserved hero. Listen to Mark Organ, the original founder of Eloqua.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Thu Dec 17 16:00:00 2020

034 | Create a Marketing Moment of Undivided Attention with Nick Runyon, CMO of PFL | Studio CMO

B2B tech marketing strives to connect amid noise. Every marketer wants to gain the attention of prospects. Tactile Marketing Automation works. Nick Runyon, CMO of PFL, explains.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Thu Dec 10 20:12:08 2020

033 | Creativity and Intelligent Risk in B2B Marketing with Jason Miller | Studio CMO

What are you willing to do to accomplish your business goals? ActiveCampaign's Jason Miller takes us to school—and rock concerts—to learn how to take intelligent risks and get out of the rut.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Thu Dec 24 02:29:35 2020

032 | Predicting Your Customer's Needs in Real Time with Bill Odell of Aerospike | Studio CMO

It's one thing to think you know your customer. It's another thing to create a marketing message that grows and changes as your customer does. Bill Odell, CMO of Aerospike, discusses how real-time, predictive data changes the game.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Wed Nov 25 16:00:00 2020

031 | What 2020 Has Taught Us About Marketing and Technology | Studio CMO

Golden Spiral CEO and Chief Storyteller, John Farkas, reflects on six major lessons 2020 has taught B2B Tech companies.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Thu Nov 19 17:02:45 2020

030 | The True Value of Risk for Marketing Leaders | Studio CMO

Risk leads to reward, education, or failure. How do you take calculated risks to achieve the first two results but avoid failure? Jack Mardack, co-founder of Oyster, shows us his philosophy.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Wed Nov 25 01:29:10 2020

029 | 6 KPIs Every CMO Should Report in the C-Suite | Studio CMO

Marketing & Business Growth Consultant Mark Donnigan joins us on Studio CMO to go into detail about six metrics that, when understood, can empower a CMO at the revenue table.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Thu Nov 05 20:02:48 2020

028 | How Your Mission and Values Can Steer Your Marketing Through Crazy Times with Andrew Hoerner of Symphony | Studio CMO

What happens when your industry is turned on its head? In Symphony's case, they infused their mission and values into everything they do. Listen to more with EVP Andrew Hoerner.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Fri Oct 30 20:19:06 2020

027 | How Deeply Are You Reaching Your Audience with Leela Srinivasan of SurveyMonkey | Studio CMO

In this episode, we talk with Leela Srinivasan, CMO of SurveyMonkey. She discusses the power of surveys and how to build better ones to grow your marketing.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Thu Oct 22 15:26:52 2020

026 | The No. 1 Factor in B2B Influencer Marketing with Ursula Ringham & Rachel Miller | Studio CMO

Who is your brand's most powerful voice? Outside influencers have more sway than official spokespeople. SAP's Ursula Ringham and Rachel Miller discuss.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Thu Oct 15 15:32:27 2020

025 | Strategies to Build an Integrated Account Based Marketing Model with Jennifer Pockell Dimas, CMO of Gigster | Studio CMO

Jennifer Pockell Dimas, CMO of Gigster, discusses account-based marketing, the distributed workforce, and how marketing and sales work best together.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Thu Oct 08 16:02:42 2020

024 | Five Drivers of Customer Experience with Mary Drumond of Worthix | Studio CMO

Mary Drumond, CMO of Worthix and host of Voices of CX podcast, outlines the five drivers of CX and the difference between frequency and impact of customer comments.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Thu Oct 01 17:12:27 2020

023 | How CMOs Maintain Relevancy with Mark Donnigan | Studio CMO

Marketing & Business Growth Consultant Mark Donnigan joins us on Studio CMO to talk about how marketing can (and why it should) work cross-functionally between sales and product.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Thu Oct 01 14:44:08 2020

022 | Improving Live Events When You Take Them Virtual with Ursula Ringham & Rachel Miller | Studio CMO

Could the virtual substitutes for live events be even better for your business? SAP's influencer marketing experts take us backstage at Sapphire 2020.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Thu Oct 01 14:54:17 2020

021 | Strategy, Clarity, and Content with Neal Conlon | Studio CMO

After his military service, Cybersecurity marketing & communications expert Neal Conlon went to work behind the scenes in the financial industry and began to see cracks, systems, and opportunities. In this episode of Studio CMO, we dive into the problems with B2B strategy, how to gain clarity, and the necessity of content.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Thu Oct 01 15:13:24 2020

020 | B2B Marketing Lessons Learned Before and During the Pandemic with Dr. Jeff Cornwall | Studio CMO

The Studio CMO team hops in a time machine and goes back to before the pandemic. We interview Dr. Jeff Cornwall from Belmont University about trends.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Fri Nov 20 15:14:56 2020

019 | Inside Play Bigger and Category Design with Kevin Maney and Mike Damphousse | Studio CMO

Kevin Maney literally wrote the book, Play Bigger, on how innovating companies can define and design new categories. He and Mike Damphousse talk about the challenges and benefits of category design.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Thu Oct 01 15:21:35 2020

018 | Building Communities with Other Companies with Brad Feld | Studio CMO

Start-up funding guru and author Brad Feld brings 40 years of leadership to the question: What can growth stage companies learn from startups? Listen today.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Fri Jul 24 05:01:58 2020

017 | The True Nature of Thought Leadership with Tony Anscombe | Studio CMO

Thought Leadership: How do you accomplish it? Why are some B2B tech companies better at it than others? Today on Studio CMO, Tony Anscombe explores how thought leadership really works.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Thu Jul 09 20:40:03 2020

016 | How to Nail Storytelling in Marketing with Ken Rutsky | Studio CMO

We sat down with Ken Rutsky, President and Prinicipal Consultant of KJR Associates, Inc., to talk about the power of great storytelling, and how to balance it with the analytical and data-driven side of marketing.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Tue Jul 14 15:32:47 2020

015 | What's Hidden in Your Marketing Data with Sean Byrnes | Studio CMO

Sean Byrnes, founder and CEO of Outlier.AI walks us through his career journey, the history of AI & how to best interpret your data so you market better.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Wed Jul 01 20:41:21 2020

014 | Do You Have a Winning B2B Marketing Philosophy with Janet Matsuda | Studio CMO

Do you have a marketing philosophy? Does it stand up to the test of scrutiny with your investors, your C-Suite, and your team? On episode 14 of Studio CMO, Janet Matsuda, CMO of Sysdig, takes us through her philosophy and breaks down how it works.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Mon Jun 22 13:49:06 2020

013 | How a B2B CMO Can Lead Toward the Horizon with Nicholas Holland | Studio CMO

Nicholas Holland, GM of Marketing Hub at HubSpot, discusses why your existing customers are the biggest catalysts for future business plus why integration between sales and marketing really breaks down.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Fri Jun 12 17:04:28 2020

012 | Evolving a Market Segment with Tithe.ly's Frank Barry | Studio CMO

We sat down with Frank Barry, COO and co-founder of church technology company Tithe.ly, to talk about Tithe.ly's rapid growth and how its products are helping religious organizations during the pandemic.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Thu Jun 04 18:33:20 2020

011 | Your First Six Months as a CMO with Caroline Japic | Studio CMO

What does a new CMO have to do in the first 6 months to build credibility and create lasting value? Caroline Japic, CMO of Kenna Security, discusses advice for new CMOs.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Fri May 29 16:49:11 2020

010 | Turning Marketing Observations into Business Growth | Studio CMO

Mark Whitlock and Angus Nelson, co-hosts of Studio CMO, sat down to discuss their COVID-19 marketing observations and trend predictions in this week's episode.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Thu May 21 19:10:56 2020

009 | Video is Your Best Marketing Funnel with Daniel Glickman | Studio CMO

Daniel Glickman, CMO of Wave.video, joins us to discuss the revolution of video marketing, including what videos should be in your arsenal and the most effective approaches.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Wed May 06 22:17:55 2020

008 | Why SaaS Marketing is a Team Sport With Armen Najarian & Michael Cichon | Studio CMO

Armen Najarian and Michael Cichon of Agari join us to discuss the importance of setting up the right team for B2B tech marketing success.