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The Podcast for Marketing Executives by Marketing Executives

Studio CMO is your weekly dose of marketing wisdom from the top B2B tech marketing leaders. Each week, John Farkas, CEO of Golden Spiral, interviews CMOs and others who are defining categories, growing their businesses, and unlocking the mysteries of understanding each customer.

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http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Thu Oct 01 14:44:08 2020

022 | Improving Live Events When You Take Them Virtual with Ursula Ringham & Rachel Miller | Studio CMO

Could the virtual substitutes for live events be even better for your business? SAP's influencer marketing experts take us backstage at Sapphire 2020.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Thu Oct 01 15:19:10 2020

019 | Inside Play Bigger and Category Design with Kevin Maney and Mike Damphousse | Studio CMO

Kevin Maney literally wrote the book, Play Bigger, on how innovating companies can define and design new categories. He and Mike Damphousse talk about the challenges and benefits of category design.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Thu Oct 01 15:21:35 2020

018 | Building Communities with Other Companies with Brad Feld | Studio CMO

Start-up funding guru and author Brad Feld brings 40 years of leadership to the question: What can growth stage companies learn from startups? Listen today.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Wed Jul 01 20:41:21 2020

014 | Do You Have a Winning B2B Marketing Philosophy with Janet Matsuda | Studio CMO

Do you have a marketing philosophy? Does it stand up to the test of scrutiny with your investors, your C-Suite, and your team? On episode 14 of Studio CMO, Janet Matsuda, CMO of Sysdig, takes us through her philosophy and breaks down how it works.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Mon Apr 06 21:21:56 2020

002 | The Translation Layer with Cofense SVP Kevin Fliess | Studio CMO

CMOs have the shortest tenure in the C-Suite. In tech, that tenure is even shorter. How executives handle the first few months sets the tone. Kevin Fliess of Cofense explains.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Mon Apr 06 21:16:54 2020

001 | Being Human with Anthony Kennada, CMO of Front | Studio CMO

It seems the world is enamored with AI. Should our marketing be? We listen back to a clip from CMO Anthony Kennada and discuss being human in marketing.