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The Podcast for Marketing Executives by Marketing Executives

Studio CMO is your weekly dose of marketing wisdom from the top B2B tech marketing leaders. Each week, John Farkas, CEO of Golden Spiral, interviews CMOs and others who are defining categories, growing their businesses, and unlocking the mysteries of understanding each customer.

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http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Thu Oct 15 15:32:27 2020

025 | Strategies to Build an Integrated Account Based Marketing Model with Jennifer Pockell Dimas, CMO of Gigster | Studio CMO

Jennifer Pockell Dimas, CMO of Gigster, discusses account-based marketing, the distributed workforce, and how marketing and sales work best together.

http://www.goldenspiralmarketing.com Golden Spiral Wed Apr 29 21:06:13 2020

007 | Predicting Your Customer's Personality with Drew D'Agostino | Studio CMO

Drew D'Agostino, Founder and CEO of Personality AI technology Crystal, joins us to discuss the power of understanding personality differences in effective communication.